Duration : 1 to 2 years

Fees : Free

Salary : 41% to 61% of the minimum wage

This programme is designed for students willing to become Music-hall artists through an apprenticeship scheme. Students will undertake a multidisciplinary training as well as about 50 performances on stage providing them a strong professional experience throughout the year.


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Profile d'entrée : Elle s’adresse à des candidats à partir de 18 ans : Souhaitant découvrir les métiers de la danse (artiste-interprète de Music-hall, professeur de danse et animateur chorégraphe), ayant une pratique avancée de la danse (titulaire de l’EAT ou équivalence).

Entry profile : Emerging artists (from 18 to 25) who have validated core competencies in either dance, comedy, singing, circus or music and also have skills in at least one additional discipline.

Duration : 1 year

Fees : 3050 euros

The preparatory dance training is structured to develop the skill sets needed to work within group dynamics, as well as the skills for active listening and following directions in order to be able to perform on stage.


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Entry profile : Applicants from 18 years old who are willing to work within the dance industry (Music-hall artist, dance teacher, choreographer, etc.) who have strong dancing skills. It is highly recommended to have passed the E.A.T (see below) or any equivalent examination.

The E.A.T (Examen d'Atptitude Technique) is an examination that assesses students’ technical ability and interpretive skills in performance. This degree is essential to follow a professional dancer's or teacher's carreer.


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Duration: 1 year

Fees : 6050 euros

Entry profile : Dancers who have a substantial amateur practice or have followed dance courses (either in a private or public institution) who aspire to any future dance profession.

Duration : 1 to 3 years during High School

Fees: 1800 euros

a year

This programme is structured for high schoolers who are willing to upgrade their dance level to an advanced stage.


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Entry profile : High schoolers who practice dance at an amateur level and want to improve technically and artistically along with their highschool period.

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