The INM, the National Institute of Music-hall arts, is an association (based on the '1901 law') created on the 20th of July 2005. It is the first artistic professional training center dedicated to the Music-hall, prone to reinvent creative and contemporary entertainment content

Based on field observation, the INM has focused its pedagogy on employement. Having their students perform on stage is the key for fast learning and artistic improvement. In opposition to any sort of indoctrination, the INM spotlights personal development and independant creativity.

What's the Music-hall ?

The Music-hall has inherited its meaning from American Veaudevilles , Music-hall revues or French, English or German cabarets since their inception. It's aesthetic, often humorous, poetic and sometimes satirical...

The Music-hall is the art of transgression, outlandishness and reinvention. Music-hall artists are unclassifiableeccentric​, funny, nonstandard…   'nondisciplinary' . They offer creative, sublty procative entertainment which often reflects our society. The Music-hall distorted sacred and serious purposes into something diverting and surprising .

…Lying at the crossroads of arts, the Music-hall is the perfect picture of artistic diversity on stage and the incredible and singuliar artist's competencies' richness.

Collective hybrid forms created by the Music-hall genre are a melting pot of artists offering a succession surreal and dreamlike numbers. These indivulalities' gatherings give birth to kaleidoscopic proposals that go far beyond the prevalent entertainement world's codes.

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The institute

INM - Institut National des arts du Music-hall - 12 rue Béranger 72000 Le Mans Tél : 02 43 80 38 94 - Email : contact@inm-lemans.frMentions légales

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